We had 10 Mokes and a few support vehicles leave the city around 10:00 for a nice country drive to Mt Pleasant (I think?). The photos attached are just prior to leaving the Botanic Gardens carpark in the city, for a great drive along the Gorge Rd, a favorite stretch for fast country drives (within legal limits LOL) with plenty of sweeping bends, and a few hills for interest. Past the Chain of Ponds and Gumeracha, onto Birdwood and the Old Mill (Mini's at the Mill must be soon?), then onto Mt Pleasant and the bakery. Then just before the rain started we found a huge animal sales-yard shed, so our topless Mokes could stay dry! Bit of shared lunch chatter and the SA Moke club meeting, then some planning about the next few runs, Christmas dinner and importantly how to get home dry! There was a clever use of an old blue tarp, footy ponchos and even some builders plastic for a nana knee rug for me! Lucky the rain stopped and by the time we arrived back to town we were dry, although very cold, apparently the city temp dropped 10 degrees in 2 hours! All in all a great day, met some other Moke owners and Adelaide had 10 Mokes for the IMD! Thanks to the SA Moke club for organising the run! Regards,
Chris, Jane and MollyMoke (the blue topless!)

10 Mokes braved the weather.

Chris and Jane, Chris and Greg, Peter and Laura, Rob and Dee, Julie, Vern, Gavin and Bianca, Richard and Kaye, Declan, Rohan. In OV's Bob, Amanda, Zoe and Josh Richard

Thank you to Gavin Mc. and the SA Moke club for their efforts in organising the Adelaide event.