IMD 2011 - Final Count

IMD-Flag-AustraliaEveryone likes to know how many people turned out for International Moke Day around the world and this item has the goods.

IMD 2011 - Australia

MelbourneInternationalMokeDay2010-7A number of groups, clubs and individuals are making plans for an International Moke Day in their area for 2011 and for contact details for each event known read more in this article.

IMD 2011 - Monte Carlo, France

International Moke Day 2010-31Bruno C. and jean Georges are organisng another great even for Internation Moke Day in southern France which is soon to become more popular than Le Tour de France for the peddlers..  

IMD 2011 - United States of America

IMD-Flag-USAJust one event listed so far for the United States of America and that is IMD regular Raine in Illinois whom has the only Moke in the state that we are aware of but still manages a big crowd of friends. REO in Florida and Mark in Tennessee are also regular IMD organsiers.


IMD 2011 - United Kingdom

IMD-Flag-UKThis s year looks like the first time the birthplace of the Moke will be holding events for International Moke Day with a number of events being cited on the UK Club Forum. Thanks to the efforts of Roger, Dean, Tim and Stephen the event seems to be getting support in the UK which is great to hear. More details here. From what I have been told there are three events planned so far, North West England (Nr Preston) and Central Southern England (Nr Newbury) and Jersey Channel island with firm details.


IMD 2011 - Sweden

IMD-Flag-SweedenAs usual, I am planning for a trip with the Mini Moke.Start at the castle in Uppsala at noon for a tour rest of the day to see other Miniacs and Mokes. Just loose plans for now, but some other people has explained their interest. Report will follow :-) Keep up your good work encouraging people and publishing the reports online :-) regards Micke