The spark for IMD  originally came from reading about the UK London to Brighton run for Minis in 2007 and thinking wouldn't it be good to have a regular Moke event and from that spark literally five minutes later was International Moke Day to get as many Mokes on the road around the world on the same day, September 21st, for no particular reason. Although the aim is still get a lot of Mokes on the road each IMD people and clubs are using the day to find other people with Mokes near them and take the opportunity to enjoy a day with like minded owners.

Over the years there has been many varied IMD events held around the world, from large gatherings of over 20 Mokes to people with just one Moke getting out for the day and being part of the activities, but whatever the activities and how many people attend it is really about the spirit of being part of a larger group of Moke owners enjoying themselves and their Mokes.

People involved, and even those who couldn't make it, like to read about what other people did for IMD and see pictures so I encourage people to send in their pictures and a small write up on their International Moke Day experience for this website or wherever you like to share your Moke experiences.