Shopping for Moke parts at your local SuperAutoCrap can be frustrating - most of them have never heard of a Moke! Thanks to a lot of work from This Little Piggy on the Mokes Inc. Forum and members contributions, here's a list of some of the common parts you might be able find there and the numbers you need to quote.

Air Cleaner   Ryco    A117X (Late plastic donut housing)

Condenser   Bosch brand  part number    GL179

Distributor Cap  Bosch brand  part number GL109
Fan Belt For Alternators - 9.5 x 825mm
                        Dayco - 10A825C
                        Quinton Hazell - QBA 825
                        Bosch - 11A0815

Flasher Can to suit LED lights   Narva brand   part number  68251BL

Fuel Filter   Ryco  Brand       part number   MF1

Ignition Coil      Bosch brand   part number   SU12 or GT40

Mirror Head suitable replacement for side mirrors  Haigh Truck Mirror Head
                            Part Number  T120 

Oil Filler Cap        vented and non vented   Unipart number GFE6002 and GFE6003
Oil Filter    screw on type: Ryco  Z82 (NLA)

                 Ryco Z418

Oil Filter  cartridge type: Ryco part number R2200P or Fram CH816

Points/Contacts  Bosch brand  part number   GL769

Radiator Caps Expansion Tanks - All  Tridon CN 1390
                                                                     CPC 508-13

                                  Radiator with Expansion Tank - All  Tridon TRC11
                                                                                          CPC 2001

                                  Early Radiators - Long Neck No Expansion Tank  Tridon CR1390
                                                                                                               CPC 517-13

Seat Belts  Inertia reel lap sash  klipan brand part number K1513 black (other colours avail)  suit later models

                Retractor cover to suit K1513 - K6040

                Lap Belt with webbing buckle adjustment - Klipan part number K2258
                                                                          fixed - Klipan part number K1636

                Rear Seat belt, lap only - Klipan K1637

                Klipan seat belt matrix -

Shock absorbers   KYB brand  Front  part number 342001  Rear part number 342006  suit 1972-1980 models
also Pedders Brand 
                      Fronts : Pedders Touring Black 3029
                      Rear : Pedders Touring Black 3017

Spark Plugs Bosch Brand   part number  W8DC
Spark Plugs   NGK Brand   part number  BP6ES or BP5ES
Steering Wheel Boss Kit  Autotechnica Brand - suit 1979 vehicle -number #373 sticker -
                         barcode  9 311675 115496

Stop Light Switch    Mechanical - Britax Brand  part number is 8715

                                      Hydraulic - Hella 4565
Windscreen Washer Bottle  Electric Auto Parts Brand  Part Number 10972  Suitable to replace
                      part numbers JW-212 ; JW-212S ; JW-212SA ; JW-202
Windscreen Washer Pump Haigh WM36

If you'd prefer a list to print out, then click here to download the Moke Parts List PDF.

Additions are of course always welcome, and the full list including all the references to the posts on the forum can be found in TLP's Part Numbers Post.