Geelong, Australia


Geelong , Australia
      Some keen Mokers down on the Bellarine are looking to meet up with others down Geelong way for IMD 2008 so if you are in the area get in touch with them.      


Alice Springs, Australia


Alice Springs , Australia
      Greg B. central Australia's moking mayor is organise his fleet and anyone else that wants to join them in trip up the West Mac. Rangesfor the day.


Brisbane Gold Coast Run, Australia


Brisbane , Australia
      Mr Spotlights has a run organised from Brisbane down to the Goldcoast to meet up with the locals down that way and Darth from NC.      


Gippsland, Australia


Gippsland , Australia
      Andrew P aka MoeMoke is getting a few of the mokers in his area together for a local IMD run.       


Tenterfield Area, Australia


Tenterfield, Australia
      Netty and the rest of the Qld/Nsw border folk are going out again for IMD to a nearby area for lunch and some fun. Contact Netty for more details.      


Tasmania, Australia


Tasmania , Australia
      Convoys will be leaving from Hobart, Launceston and
      Devonport and converging on the barbecue site at Lions Park, The Esplanade, Campbell Town.



New Caledonia


Somewhere in New Caledonia
      Sean is pretty keen to find other Mokes in New Caledonia for a local IMD event.

Tennesee, USA

IMD2008 275 2

Mark and Friend in Dragon something Mountain.

Maddogs Peth, Western Australia

IMD2008 275 11

Mrs Maddog and Puppies late arrival in Perth.