IMD 2012 - Belgium

For the second time, Belgian Mokes came together to celebrate the International Moke Day for a convoy trip, in the French speaking part of Belgium this time. Four Mokes (2 Cagiva's and 2 U.K.'s) and a French Schmitt (basically a dwarfed down version of the Moke) gathered in the shadow of the famous lion statue on top of the hill in Waterloo, where Napoleon was defeated in the battle. After a (much needed!) warming cup of coffee in the Wellington pub, we set of for the trip.

IMD 2012 - Sydney

Unless someone puts there hand up to be the point of contact for something in Sydney there doesn't look like much is happening there as some of the Sydney people are heading south to Kiama to join the South Coast group. read about developments as they progress here.

IMD 2012 - Newcastle

Woody has started discussion for a Newcastle area with a few takers already. Follow the progress here.

IMD 2012 - Melbourne to Creswick

The Melbourne International Moke Day effort ids going to take on the form of a day drive out around the north west of Melbourne taking some back roads up towards Creswick and then back home again.

Meeting point for the day is the Service Centre at Bunker Hill on the Hume Highway northbound under the Donnybrook Road overpass. Access is only available from the south side so you may need to do a U-turn down near Craigieburn if you are coming from the North or DonnyBrook Rd. Wollert-Craigieburn Road is closed so that is not an option either.

Follow the progress here.

IMD 2012 - Trieste, Northern Italy

   Allesandro M. has a very nice late Model Australian Moke in Northern Italy and is looking for other Moke owners in town, nearby or even just over the border to help him Celebrate Inetrnational Moke Day in 2012. If you are interested you can  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IMD 2012 - Hobart, Tasmania

Once again we'll be having an IMD cruise from Hobart, on Sunday the 30th of September. We will probably follow last year's format of having a cruise through the countryside to somewhere we can have lunch and take the official snapshot, a bit of Moke related nattering, then a cruise home again. We probably won't cover a big distance unless there's a lot of interest from the North about a state-wide meet-up, but anyone is welcome to come along and join in.

We'll have a bit more detail closer to the date (like a meeting place and time and a destination) but if you want to contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or give me a call on 0429 642086

IMD 2012 - NSW South Coast/Kiama

Meeting at Kiama Blowhole at 9.30 am. Where we'll meet our new moking neighbour and forum member
Bainsey and discuss our planned run for the morning Possibly to Jamberoo - Robertson -  down Maquarie
pass Stopping for coffee/ feed somewhere along the way.
Should the weather be inclement for those of you without hoods and you decide to stay home. Alan &
Vicky (mazy) and Ruth and myself (the rat) plan to still go to Kiama to introduce our selves to "Bainsey"
over a coffee some where in town. If thats ok with Bainsey :)


Findout more on the Mokes Inc. Forum.

IMD 2012 - Perth

A meetup point has been organised - Gateway Shopping Centre at the McDonalds Car Park-10am. Toilets and coffee available here.
                        - Then a Coastal Drive south along the Sunset Coast. Stopping for pic's along the way.
                        - Lunch stop at a pre-booked cafe in the Scarp.
                        - Contact Allan on  0418910431.

I drove the Route today to check distance and time required,as lunch is booked for 12.30/1.00ish.
We will be driving 90km's all up,with two stops along the way for the Official IMD 2012 photo's. The drive will involve - several Lakes and Coastal scenic drives.

Finishing at the base of the Darling Ranges for Lunch.

I am hoping we will have the most Mokes in the world.  I am hoping!?

IMD 2012 - France

Rendez vous 8 to 9 o'clock in Monaco. Start at 9 on the road of Saint-Tropez. Arrived at 2pm on the port of Saint-Tropez and having lunch. The restaurant is not yet defined.

IMD 2012 - Mighty Minis, Sri Lanka

Not quite sure what the Sri Lankas are doing this year as they are going on a their IMD trip a week early on the 23rd!!!. Although any excuse to go for a drive in a Moke is a good one, we will have to wait and see if they manage to change the date and join the rest of us on the 30th of September.

The Mighty Minis Club normally come through with some good photos and few video clips of their drive so keep an eye on their website anytime from the 23rd of September onwards.