The breakdown for the YJBAB series of Moke goes something like this.

Y - Australian Vehicle Production

JB - Commercial Vehicle, Morris. Although the original were badged with Morris Mini Moke it also had BMC Moke, British Leyalnd and just Moke badges by the end of production.

AB - Body Type, Buckboard. The original prototype more closely matched the buckboard description than the production version.

nn - The series or model number.

x - Either L or R depending on left or right hand drive.


1966 - 1968, nn = 1 or 2

These are first of the Australian assembled vehicles using the 10" wheels(aka Little Wheelers) and components supplied from the UK factory. The majority were 998 engines, no 850's, and the 2 is suggested to be the use of a 1098 engine available towards the end of the production run.

Serial Numbers started at 501 and almost 4,000 were built.

1968 - 1972, nn = 6 or 8

The first of the Australian manufactured Mokes that introduced the 13" wheels and wider body, the alternator replaced the generator fairly early on, round lights were replaced with the oval Hella item. The 6 says it was shipped with a 998 while the 8 says it got the 1098 engine.

Serial numbers started at 501 and around 10,000(to be confirmed) built over the 5 years.

1970-1972, nn = 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

These are the original Californian or Export Moke intended for the US Virgin Island in LHD form that never really made it so they were released locally. A 1275 engine, drum brake, rear mounted fuel tank, deeper wheel guards, rear guard extension, hazard warning lights, vented sump guard and raised bezel under speedo are the dominiat features for identifying these Mokes. There is a lot of speculation about what the various numbers mean that is behind the scope of this summary. Some LHD were exported overseas to other countries while there is evidence of some being converted to RHD and sold here.

A change in the body prefix system for 1973 saw the last of the Exports, up until March 1973, have the Body number of O30 COB1M12

Serial numbers started at 501 and I is estimate around 1,500 were built including the O30 Mokes