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Perhaps you own or owned a Moke that is displayed on this page, if you do recognise any of the Mokes pictured here and can offer more information and or photos to help record their history then please get in touch via the contact page.

In the 1970's the Australian Military took deliver of over 250 Mokes for their support services and in addition around 50 1/4 Ton trailers were also delivered, known as Moke trailers, and as far as i know they were only used by the Army. Few remain in decent or original condition such as this one shown at an historic vehicle display at Yarra Glen race course in 2015, owned by Garry B.


A side view of an Army Moke  1/4 Ton trailer

ArmyMokeTrailer 450 1

ArmyMokeTrailer 450 0

ArmyMokeTrailer 450 2

ArmyMokeTrailer 450 4

ArmyMokeTrailer 450 5

ArmyMokeTrailer 450 6

ArmyMokeTrailer 450 7