From Paul....

I wanted to buy a Moke for a number of reasons. Firstly it is just a bit of fun to drive down to the beach, hanging it into the corners and pretending I'm 18 again. Secondly, I am re-foresting 52 acres of farm land in Warrnambool and have a number of little trails winding through the forest. The Moke is ideal for inspecting and cruising around the trees. Thirdly, a lot of classes of school children visit me and it is a wonderful way of greeting them at the gate. The most asked question is, "Are you really allowed to drive that on the road?".

I had an original Mini Clubman when I was young and have always loved these cars. I bought this particular Moke because it had a reconditioned engine and good paintwork. I have put disc brakes on the front, replaced the petrol tank, fixed the gear linkages and relocated the petrol guage sender. I have also painted all the white sections black to give it a more gutsy look and fitted black Minilite style wheels. I am looking for some 13 x 6" winter tread tyres to further the process, but can't find any.

I didn't do the work hands on as I don't have the time. Many thanks to Ken Harrison Automotive and Tim Boyle Panels in Warrnambool. Thanks Terry. The Moke has brought a new dimension to our life in the forest.

Best wishes Paul

If you are looking at the Moke and the number plate in particular and thinking that looks familiar then you could be right. Previous owners, Andrew and Sue from Bendigo who let me know Paul J. was the new owner, did attend the 2006 Moke Muster in Shepparton and MokeFest 2009 in Wagga Wagga.

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