Model and Collectable Mokes are available and can range in price from a few dollars to more than $100 dollars for something like a Dinky Moke still in the original box. Andrew P. shares some of his knowledge of the world of collectable Mokes with us in this series of articles.

Collectable Model Mokes


Dinky Mokes

The Dinky company first produced model cars in 1934 as an offshoot of Hornby Trains
The Dinky Mokes, were made in 1:43 scale, and as far as I can tell there were 4 different models produced. They were all modelled on the mid sixties English Moke and made of die cast metal. they have a hinged bonnet, a fairly crude windscreen surround, four low back seats.and a plastic soft top without side curtains.
The range consisted of;

  • The Parachute Moke, This seems to be the most popular and was presumably based on the original Moke concept of been used by the Army and dropped out of airplanes with a parachute. It is painted in a dull dark green and originally came with a parachute.
  • Tiny and his Moke was an orange Dinky Moke released to commemorate the British childrens TV show called “The Enchanted House” the Moke featured a Giraffe from the series called Tiny whose head pokes through the roof of the Moke
  • The Prisioner Moke was also based on a TV series, that been “The Prisoner” series which had a huge cult following in the 60’s & 70’s. the Moke model was based on the Taxi’s from the series which are white with a red and white stripped roof.
  • The final model that I know of is a metallic aqua colour. The other models seem to have some sort of theme but I am not sure of the origins of this one

The Dinky Mokes have become quite collectable with prices ranging from a few dollars for a very rough one to several hundred dollars for one in perfect condition with its original box. Surprisingly some reproduction parts are available ( so that you can restore your Dinky Moke

Vitesse Mokes

The Vitesse Group was set up in Portugal in the early 1980’s where they produced a large range of model cars, mostly in 1:43 scale. Later production moved to China but unfortunately the company went into receivership in April 2001, Prior to this they produced 8 different variations of Mokes. Most of the tooling was sold to a Chinese company called Sun Star who have since produced a further 3 different models of Moke
The first Mokes produced by the Vitesse Group were in released in 1998 and were modelled on two 1964 versions.

MINI MOKE Open convertible in Spruce Green & a closed convertible in Ivory
Production was limited to 5000 of these models

In 1999 they released a 1997 Gagiva Moke open convertible model in red but restricted production to 2500 units.

Then in 2000 they released 5 different versions ranging from 1968 to 1999



Autosculpt is a model making company that has been producing pewter look a like models
since 1993. they have a range of over 200 cars including 3 Mini Mokes
These 1/92 scale model cars hand made in England from a mixture of polyester resin
and aluminium powder, giving an beautiful authentic pewter finish



The Moke model produced by Model Planning Japan is a 1:130 scale and because of the small scale the detail is not very fine .