Tasmanian Railway Mokes

TGR Rail Mokes 2Not a lot of information is about on the TasRail Mokes used in 1970's in Tasmania, just a few pictures a magazine article and a few fragments of their history has been found and only one Moke is known to have survived at this stage.

Driveline Systems Emergency Moke

Emergency Response Moke at Driveline Systems in VictoriaDriveLine Systems in odonga, Victoria were contacted about their Emergency Response Moke at their plant as part of the IMD 2007 promotions. This manufacturing site emergency vehicle is based on a Moke as is in everyday use at Driveline Systems Australia.

Kojonup Rail Moke

WA Tourist Rail MokeIn the Great South West of Western Australia a small tourist railway operates a service using a Mini Moke as its engine while more conventional power is being restored.

Moke Ambulance

Ambulance Moke A Moke Ambulance in Hobart, Tasmania. Most likely the worlds only real Moke Ambulance is a part of the Ambulance Private Fleet in Hobart, Tasmania. Ambulance Private Owner David Watson was extremely generous in Feb 2007 when a dozen Moke nutters turned up on his doorstep to check out is latest addition.