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WintonMoke 858 0

Major Drawcard is perhaps a bit of an exargeration, but still it does get dusted off every couple of years and gets a few days out of the Winton Truck Museum where it lives amongst the big rigs on show.

The Moke belonged to a local family who appear to have owned a car dealership in town and they provide it to the Outback Festival every two years when it is held and between Festivals it is on display at the truck museum. At the Festival it is towed down the main street by children competing in the Iron Kids event, a strong person type event for the juniors.

At the museum it has three chopped up Mini back ends named Semi Colons to go with its name of Full Stop and it would appear they were used for a promotional type event some time ago. Not sure if the little Moke Mini train gets out for the Festival.

In 2016 I had chance to look in on the Moke at the museum as we were passing through and managed to take a number of photos and details of the Moke that will appear elsewhere on MokeWerx at some stage.

Thnak you to Brian Home who first made me aware of this Moke.