ZGR-099 - Yellow 1980+ Cali

NSW Rego ZGR099 Yellow Cali Moke circa 1980 Advertised on eBay around 2009

Captain America

Captain Amercia styled Moke Advertised on eBay

Entering Information into the Australian Moke Register

A new form for capturing information about Australian built Mokes is being made available to further expand the information in the Australian Moke Register and breathe a bit of life into the AMR that has been on life support for the past few years. Part of a bigger plan to provide more about the history of individual Mokes, this new AMR entry system will allow people to provide any amount of information about a Moke, no matter how big or small, and is not limited to just the build information as currently stored in the AMR.

Interim Australian Moke Register

An Interim AMR is now available for basic searching and browsing The Australian Moke Register has been a bit neglected for a few years now with it being left unmaintained on a previous version of the MokeWerx website and despite that neglect occasionally new entries are being added by people.

Introduction to the Australian Moke Register

The Australian Moke Register is attempting to record the existence of as many of the remaining Australian built Mokes as possible no matter where in the world they are. The basic information shown here helps owners determine the approx. build date of their Moke based on minimal information while the more detailed information we collect about each Moke helps to better understand some of the history and production of the Mokes.

At the moment the Australian Moke Register has a few parts, the original Database of which partial information is displayed here as a basic list that can be sorted by any column providing the body and engine prefixes and numbers. The records listed were obtained up until about 2010 and is under the menu item titled Original Moke Register.

More recently a more detailed Form has been available to collect information about Mokes and it is available on here under 'Enter Moke Details' where more miscellaneous information can be collected to help bring fragments of information together that might be valuable for connecting details together later on. At this time there is no public view of the data collected, however if you do decide to enter details I would appreciate you to enter your contact details so things can be followed up later on if need be.

In development there is more comprehensive database and application under development that will be kind of like a genealogy tracker for all the Mokes, but don't hold you breath as it is very slow going putting it all together. It is expected that this will provide public and private displays of the data from all the sources.

And finally there is a Pictorial AMR that has been in embryonic state for years but may go into labour sometime soon to give people a bit of a visual eye candy of Mokes listed in the AMR.


Black Saturday Survivor

Black Saturday Moke This Moke was caught in the Black Saturday bush fires that went through Flowerdale in 2009 and it was intended at the time these photos were taken for the Moke to become a restoration project however those who know Joff were not surprised it was a featured garden ornament until 2014. The Moke now has a new home in Wallan as a donor vehcile for another project so it will soon cease to exist in its rather unique form and most likely will end up in the local tip I would expect.


pamr 1 Arguably Australias oldest surviving Moke, number #9 off the production line in Australia.

Anything to add?

Perhaps you own or owned a Moke that is displayed on this page, if you do recognise any of the Mokes pictured here and can offer more information and or photos to help record their history then please get in touch via the contact page.