IMD2013 - Uppsala, Sweden

IMD2013 Uppsala Sweden

Just a Moke and a Mini for IMD in Uppsala.

IMD 2013 - Brisbane Crew

A weekend trip for a few of the Mokes from Brisbane for IMD.

IMD 2013 - Christchurch, NZ

Martin in Storm tropper got out for IMD in New Zealand.

MD 2013 - Sydney

An impromptu Sydney run for Ainsley and friends for IMD 2013.

IMD 2013 - Perth, Western Australia

 A combined IMD and MokeFest 2013 saw 40+ Mokes.

IMD 2013 - North East Victoria

IMD NE Vic 2013

The NE Vic group had a great trip to the snow at Falls Creek on IMD.

IMD 2013 - France

IMD France 2013

The IMD is very nice again this year. We have make it on 2 days.

IMD 2013 - Southern Tasmania

Four Mokes out for IMD in southern Tasmania this year.

IMD 2013 - Melbourne

IMD Melbourne 2013

A nice day out for the Mokes in Melbourne for IMD.