Melbourne, Australia - IMD 2010

International Moke Day 2010-7After nearly being washed out and blown away in 2009, the IMD 2010 event at Docklands turned on lovely weather and much bigger crowds for the combined Melbourne and Geelong groups to display their Mokes.

Gippsland, Australia - IMD 2010

International Moke Day 2010-4Well IMD Gippsland was going to be a big affair this year, I had 7 mokes lined up to attend but 2 were no show's, one because of the footy and the other because of floods.

Illawarra, Australia - IMD 2010

International Moke Day 2010-1It was myself, Aimee and Terry in attendance. The trip started out at Key batteries at Mt Keira and then progressed to our first stop at Wollongong South Beach near the light house.

NSW South Coast, Australia - IMD 2010

International Moke Day 2010This was Mazy's debut at an IMD. The weather was perfect. We really only went around the corner due to time restrictions.

Sri Lanka - IMD 2010

Sri Lanka International Moke Day 2010

The Mighty Minis Club of Sri lanka got together in their Mokes again for International Moke Day and showed off their nice Moke wheels.

North East Victoria, IMD 2010

International Moke Day North East VictoriaNth East Victorian IMD was fantastic. Weather was much better this year, and the country roads chosen for the drive was excellent.

2010 IMD - Lismore, NSW

IMD-Flag-AustraliaWill be meeting at aprox 10.30 in front of Oaks Oval, Dawson St in Lismore. At 11.15 sharp we will be driving in convoy into the Multicultural Family Festival at the Italo Australian Club to showcase the mokes in front of the main stage for aprox 1 hour. There is 5 to 6000 people expected to be there.After this we will be going for a drive into the country for a few hours, stopping for afternoon tea along the way. At this stage we have 8 mokes and maybe a couple more.

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2010 IMD - Sri Lanka


In order to coincide with the International Mini Moke, Mighty Mini club is arranging a Colombo drive on the 26th September afternoon which will be exclusively for Mini Mokes.  All Mokes will meet up in front of SSC GROUNDS (Maitland place) at 4:00 pm & the drive will start off by 4:15 pm.  Hope to see a lot of Mini Mokes like the last time


Please check our club web site for updates on International Mini Moke day run.

2010 IMD - Christchurch, New Zeland

IMD-Flag-NewZelandIn a clever move to get the people of Christchurch to come around and give him a hand with Storm Trooper, Martin is holding an IMD event in his garage.

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