Cairns, Queensland

No details available at the moment but somewhere between 3 and 6 mokes made it out for International Moke Day up in the tropics.

Sth Aust Moke Club, South Australia

International Moke Day 2009 0

Souuth Australian Moke Club visited National Motor Museum at Birdwood.

Pete Power, South Australia

Pete power in his Moke for IMD 2009

Pete showed that you don't have to have a lot of Friends or even a going Moke to be a part of International Moke Day as he enjoys a beer in Mighty Moke.

NickoMokeo, Queensland

Nicko with Moke on International Moke Day 2009

Nickomokeo got left behind in Brisbane by those going to IMD on the North Coast so he just went for a drive and caught up with his breakfast.

Perth, Western Australia

Perth Mokes came out in force, but where are the pictures.

Julie & Vern

Julie and Vern having IMD 2010 on their own.

Julie and Vern had an IMD of their own.

Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane International Moke Day 2010

Brisbane Mokes out and about for IMD 2010

Monte Carlo, France

International Moke Day 2010-31Bruno C. and members of the newly formed Moke Club Monaco Cote d' Azur made a weekend of International Moke Day and was part of a night car show outside the Casino before taking in some sites.  

Sweden - IMD 2010

International_Moke_Day_2010-8Mikael P. represented Sweden for International Moke Day in 2010 travelling in his Moke and friend Joel in his moke and Freddie in his Mini they visited a few other Mokes and had a big day out in the fresh air.