Perth, Western Australia

International Moke Day  Perth 2009

Perth Mokes got out for IMD 2010

Melbourne, Australia

International Moke Day 2009 0

Melbourne Mokes on a Cold Day at Docklands.

NSW North Coast

InternationalMokeDay2009 7

The Brisbane'ite took a trip to join Turbo Tiger on the North Coast of NSW for the weekend.

Mighty Minis, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Mighty Mini out for International Moke Day 2009

The Mighty Mini club of Sri Lanka got right behind the spirit of International Moke Day this year and showed us UK Mokes can look cool.

Tennessee, United States

International Moke Day 2009 7

Mark was the lone Moker in his state this year taking the opportunity to go to Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga.

Northern Illinios, United States

Rine Ray on the Lake with Friends for International Moke Day

Raine Ray was out in her distinctive Moke with just a couple of close friends this year and the dog for a pinic lunch by Lake Fairfiled.

Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand International Moke Day

Martin and Scoob got to together to share Scoob's Moke for International Moke, risking their life to take a photo with a rabid dog threatening them.

North East Victoria

Internatoinal Moke Day 2009 in North East Victoria

Roger B. and the Murray Mini's managed to get 6 Mokes and a handful of minis out for International Moke Day this year in the bleak conditions.

Maddog in Western Australia

Maddog and Arnold on International Moke Day MD 2009

Grant and Monica, aka Mr and Mrs Maddog, and one of the little took a drive for there IMD for 30km without leaving their own property in Western Australia.