Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
      General information about International Moke Day and question most people are expected to ask. If your questions are not answered here then check out the Forum or send an email.


International Moke Day Flyer (Draft)

             International Moke Day Flyer
      The draft flyer is available here in PDF for your perusal and download to help promote IMD within your club, area and or favourite parts supplier.      


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Introduction to International Moke Day

       International Moke Day
      Sept. 21st 2008
      How many Mokes around the world can we have on the road on a single day ? Join the rest of us and find out.      





flag of Finland
Somewhere in Finland
      Timo, a long time Moke nut from the Flying Finns has offered to organise something in Finland for IMD 2007

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Mokes out for the first International Moke Day in Sydney in 2007

5 Mokes took a tour of the Harbour City for their IMD effort.

Tasmania, Australia

The Mokes lined up in Tasmania for International Moke Day 2007

Three convoys, two from the north and one from Hobart, met up in Campbelltown for a BBQ lunch and plenty of Moke talk.

Perth, Australia

Mokes lned up at International Moke Day in Perth Western Australia

11 Mokes made the day for a drive in the hills around Perth.

Melbourne, Australia

Yellow Moke lined uyp for start of IMD 2007 in Melbourne

Eleven Mokes braved the overcast and high winds to take in the sights of Melbourne before settling on the banks of the Yarra for a BBQ.