IMD 2013 - Adelaide

What a awesome Moking day 27 clear and sunny.

IMD 2013 - Montana

Montana International Moke Day 2013To commemorate IMD2013 my wife Betty and I took our modified 64 Moke for a drive to the local Yellowstone Cellars & Winery. On Saturday the winery had a fall harvest grape "Stomp", it was "squishy" and "fun". Quality wine is made here in "Big Sky Country" Montana, using thousands of pounds of grapes transported from Washington. We had a quiet and tasty afternoon on Sunday the 29th, 2013; with a safe cruise home. Russ H. in Montana

IMD 2013 - Thomas in Sweden

Sweden Thomas International Moke Day 2013Here are some pictures from my own local IMD meeting with 20 Mini Moke
in the garage. The garage stands in Southern Sweden (Svedala)

Hope you were a bit more 1/1 Moke;-)


IMD 2013 - Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands International Moke Day 2013-0A few pictures of IMD – the Moke in natural habitat, on Turtle beach with Savo Island in the background.

Good drive out and fun day at the beach, good to prove that the top-end rebuild had been a success(!). Next steps are fitting a new wiring loom and a complete overhaul of the front suspension and mounts, as well as a gearbox refurb all of which will take most of the rainy season (November onwards here), with the aim of being back on the road as a regular drive by February.Fingers crossed !
Bill M.

IMD 2013 - Boet in South Africa

Boet South Africa International Moke Day 2013At last I am with one of my Mokes on IMD.

I bought my first Moke in about 1976. It is a 1968 model Left Hand Drive. I still have it but it is in a slow process of being repaired.

I recently bought 2 "new" ones, one is a ± 1964 model English Moke, (green one in the photograph), and the other one is a Australian model with 13" wheels, (blue one in the photograph). As you can see the wheels are to small and it needs a lot of work to get it back to what it should be.

Thank you,


International Moke Day 2012

International Moke Day 2012For 2012 International Moke Day will be held on the last Sunday in September, the 30th around the world. IMD is a opportunity for everyone who owns a Moke to be a part of something big and enjoy a trip, event or activity and meet other Moke owners who live nearby that may lead to more local Moke things for you.

Create IMD Event in your Area


Co-ordinating an event for IMD in your area

      No IMD event you can attend, the only Moke in your country or you just want to start up an IMD event closer to home. This article explains how simple it is to make sure you are involved and part of this auspicious occasion.       


Make a Logo for IMD

IMD 2008 Flyer100As the time from the original idea to releasing the IMD on the unsuspecting public has only been a little over a week I haven't had time to put together a unique Moke logo for the event. I am looking for creative types who would like to submit their own efforts so I can replace this little picture I found on the net.

The Official Count


How the IMD Official Count will take place

      Although this is really just a great excuse to get out in your Moke and know others around the world are doing the same, the more serious side of the day is to make sure we have a reliable and formal count of how many Mokes and people attended.