Martin in Storm tropper got out for IMD in New Zealand.

Well, it wasnt really an organised event, but we had my brother in law come to visit, and I suggested a little blast in the moke, he was keen and once we had got him out of his wheelchair and helped him get to the moke he and I went for a drive.
I was a bit concerned he was going to fall out on one corner as his balance isn't good, but he didn't so all was well.
He loved it and is keen for another run.
Then it was the kids turn, for them it was a fast and cold run out to Brooklands which is a small town not too far from home which was smashed in the quakes and due to the ground will not be inhabited again, its a lovely place an the edge of a lagoon, but is now nearly empty which is sad.
No pics, I was too busy driving! :)