An impromptu Sydney run for Ainsley and friends for IMD 2013.

Not really sure where to post this as there was no Sydney IMD discussion thread but this was our little last minute effort...

Michael (Morris 1100) came all the way from Goulburn, Nikki and Marls bought their shorty mini and little wheeler moke with Bec along for the ride, Adam was also there in his newly acquired Combi.

We had lunch at the Ettamogah Pub in Rouse Hill, then most of us (bar Adam who desperately needed sleep before work) headed out to Wilberforce where we visited the Ă„ustraliana Pioneer Village" (and the adjoining pub :P ).

Great day but now thoroughly exhausted! Bring on summer and moking!!! Today was a great reminder of just how much fun these cars are... there's nothing like driving past other classic cars on the road and receiving "the nod" or wave  ;) ;D ;D