Main street of Beechworth, all ready for a coffee at the bakery. Boydy, me and Alpine.

Mrs Alpine, Mrs Boydy, Mrs Halfpint and 1/2 halfpint(who at 13 is already taller than both of us) waiting to go to the Bakery.

Must be at 40 Mokes in this shot ::) So, is this the most mokes in a single shot on the day ;D ;D ::)

Heading towards the Beechworth Gorge

After the run through the Gorge, it was back to Beechworth for Lunch at Tanswells Pub ;D Yum.
Great company all day, Mokes went well, terrific weather and as always, a fun drive.

Ps. After getting home at 3pm, had to go to work for Arvo shift and was greeted with a big " Happy International Moke Day" from my work mates 8) ;D ;D

Cheers everyone, and thanks for all the pics and stories from each of the groups, their terrific.
It would be hard to pick a "Best Photo" from all of of them cause all of them are tops 8)