I did get the Moke out this arvo in between the rain and picked up my brother in law and took him and the kids for a very short spin around our local streets. He hasn't been in the car since it was Regoed a few weeks back, he liked it.

I have spent the last week or so fitting up a few bits.

1.75 HIF and i am quite happy with the performance.

I fitted the roof in preperation of a damp IMD

I used a couple of ratchet tie downs to make up new tensoining straps and they work well. I kept with the red hi light theme  actually they were some i had already so i just made do with what i had

My apprentice  helped out with some stainless scuff plates to stop the bow taking the paint off when it is folded, Once again i used what i had laying around and these where donated from an old S/S BBQ  that i picked up at the scrap yard for the taps a while back.

Some new and very loud air horns have been fitted, I belive being such a small car you need to have the ability to make a noise when needed. Others don't always see you. I have a picture imprinted on my brain from 20 years ago when a semi trailer changed into the left lane and squashed a nice little Cooper S luckily the guy was't hurt too bad but the car was a mess

My boys got me some number plate covers for fathers day

And this pic was taken during our little spin in the name of IMD 2011

bye for now hope you all enjoyed you IMD and had some good weather