we had a great day in SA for IMD. SA Moke club met up at 9.00 am to watch a few cars for the bay to birdwood. PP and Bev, Rob and Lyn and Myself headed off on our journey.
some mokes from the club

First stop was to pick Kirsteen up (my SWMBO) from home so we had a quick stop at home

notice how i let MM in the middle
then off to SA Mokin to check out his very nice shed and his mokes, sorry no group shot as we could not get the mokes in.
then off to Mavro for the group shot

and finally arrive at Normanville for fish and chips by the water

great weather and a really enjoyable way of spending IMD.

A few more Pics of the SA IMD
At Mavs

At Kmart

At Tunnels

At Willunga Dam

Geez it was a great day.