Weather forecast for the day heavy rain with wind gusts up to 50km.

We meet at Glendale shopping centre around 8:45am  after a cup of coffee
we headed of, slight ran at this time.
We travelled to Morisset on the Western side of Lake Macquarie with a
drive up the main street of Torono.
After leaving Morisset we travelled to Wyee with the rain getting Heaver
once in Wyee we turn of on to Hue Hue road
This is where it got interesting with very very heavy rain.
The drains on the sides of the road as well as the creeks we passed were
now flooded.
This was the heaviest rain that Smokey and myself have driven through in a
Smokey started to loose charging volts in this heavy rain then my ignition
light started to flash, I now had the same trouble.
We decided to find some were we could shelter from the rain and try to
find what was causing our problems.
This was quite strange with both Mokes. Having charging troubles at the
same time.
As quickly as the problem started it disappeared so we continued on with the trip.

At the end  of Hue Hue road we turned right and  travelled up the Yarramalong Valley towards our destination Wollombi. This part of the road was great to drive on with lots of bends, hills,
valleys etc. with some of the hills quite steep at times, This would be a great drive in the dry.
By this time the rain is all most gone just showers. Arriving  at Wollombi we Parked outside of the Wollombi Hotel before taking a couple of Pictures. Smokey and I then had a look around town.

When we got back to the hotel it was too busy to order lunch.

So we then drove on to Cessnock and had Lunch in a little Café in the
main street. After lunch we drove home through Kurri Kurri then along John Renshaw
Drive to the New England Highway this is where we parted ways. Even though we had extremely heavy down pours and constant shower throughout the whole trip I had a great day out.
This is what IMD is all about a drive with friends.