This was our first IMD in Belgium, but certainly not the last ! We're lucky enough to have many minifriends within driving range, and gathered 3 mokes and a schmitt (the French, short "moke") PLUS 4 mini pick-ups as well. Reason for this is the 50th anniversary of the pick-up-model, so the pups were also invited to share the special moment.

We did a 60 mile roundtrip, starting in Antwerp. The weather hadn't been so nice as long as we could remember, it was excellent T-shirt weather and no moke needed to bring a softtop. The eight classic cars did a convoy throughout the most curvy roads in the area, avoiding city centres, and it took no more the 5 miles untill the first and only muddy part of the day showed up. Most of the cars swerved around it but the milka moke and the Portuguese moke couldn't resist and blasted through the mud over and over, enjoying themselves big time, and giving the other participants an amusing spectacle. So far for their clean appeareance.

A few villages further, we passed huge tomato-growing glass houses, one of the participants seemed to know the farmer and before we knew it we were getting an un-scheduled tour between the tomatoes, excellent. Then, we were on the road again, with some more soft-surfaced roads (we don't have many of them over here) to have another drink outside a castle in Bazel, the village that won the title "Belgians' most beautiful village". And nice it was.

After a long drink we continued our journey to park in Sint-Amands, another touristic area near the river "Schelde", where we couldn't resist the ice cream vans, and where a 5 minute walk brought us to the characteristic house of a stone artist, who parked his VW in euhm.. a different way.
Then, some more cruising obviously. Time went fast and we were soon heading for another drink to end the beautiful day in style. It was an enjoyable day for all, and we're allready looking forward for the next IMD, probably for mokes only (and the schmitt, if we may :-)). There's more mokes in the country so next time surely more mokes = more fun even. IMD = FUN !
A You Tube Clip of Mokes in the Mud for IMD,

Some more images of the day by Wesley "Weske" Berloo and Tim "Skepperken''.