I started with the african BMC Moke 1964 at the garage and went to the
castle of Uppsala where I met Fredde in a Mini with 1380 cc engine.
We drove to the southern parts of Uppsal to pick up Joel and then
drove 20 km more to see a yellow Moke 1967 ym.
We drove 45km more south and met some mopeds on a driving meeting and
then had coffee on a sandy beach.
Took the old road into Stockholm and met up with Jimmy who has a Mini
Moke 1989 ym.
We drove on to the center of Stockholm and met up with Moke owner
Anders, but unfortunately the Moke was parked in a garage somewhere
else, but he had a lot of good Moke stories.
We then drove to one of the quays and met up with the Belgian marine,
but they didnt lift the Moke aboard..
During the day we were in telephone contact with Moke owner Henryk,
but he was on a walk and his 1991 Cagiva Moke was parked in a garage.
We then drove back 75 km north to Uppsala, had a pizza and then
splitted, and i drove the Moke to the garage again.
When I got home there was a mail in my inbox from Moke owner Thomas,
living 700 km to the south in Sweden. He had attached a picture of his
Moke, with himslef standing in the engine bay (no engine mounted yet,
restoration well in progress, just had a break for some years...)


It was a good day out, we covered about 170 km of roads and we had lot
of fresh air!

Thanks for encouraging us to this drive on the IMD!