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Thanks to Darth Moke the following newspaper article roughly translate into "The mini moke , those small convertible cars you can take to the beach, wind blowing in your hair, was celebrated yesterday. In Monaco Bruno Cuevas is the president of the Monaco French Riviera Moke club. To celebrate that that international event, he organized for the first time in Europe a rally just for mini mokes from Monte Carlo to st Tropez. This kind of event is frequent in asia and the southern hemisphere but not on the old continent. Around twenty cars rounded up on this beautiful Sunday morning to run the few kilometers between the two cities in three hours, to finish in a group arrival at the st tropez harbor around 2pm. Lunch at the “migon” in pampelonne, then a visit of a few wineyards including “les vignes” in ramatuelle. And then all the participants drove home at their own pace after an enjoyable day. Legend of the photo : Bruno Cuevas, president of the Monaco French Riviera Moke club organized yesterday this first rallye from Monco. Pictured here with his father whom helped him organize the event."