We met in Myrtleford for morning tea/coffee, drove to Bright, then over Tawonga Gap for a great lunch in Tawwanga South.
There were 6 Mokes escorted by 9 Minis for a total of 22 folks, on the run.
The weather was testing - strong almost freezing winds, intermittent rain squalls, and the low cloud and misting rain reduced visibility.
The sun was seen to glance off distant hills on occasions, but not it seemed where ever we were.

Unfortunately one Cooper S  DNF due to an apparent electrical failure (what, unheard of you say ?).
We certainly appreciated our coffee and lunch breaks and really enjoyed the company of the NEMOG members and Mokers.
Fortunately we had a couple of opportunities for photos of the Mokes and Minis.

Photos by Roger B..