The Mokes lined up in Tasmania for International Moke Day 2007

Three convoys, two from the north and one from Hobart, met up in Campbelltown for a BBQ lunch and plenty of Moke talk.

 Moke convoys rolled out of Devonport, in the Northwest of Tasmania, and Launceston, in the North, like a well coordinated military advance. The convoy rolled out from Hobart, in the south, like a mob of very old and confused sheep. Everyone was keen to reach Campbell Town in the midlands.

The Northern convoys joined together along the way and with a short stop to unload Shane's bright green treasure, arrived at the agreed meeting place at the expected time. The southern convoy, after a
short stop to fix the brakes of someone who'd rather not be mentioned, a futile wait for James, who'd broken a piston and gone home for another Moke, and a leisurely pit-stop along the way, rolled in a mere hour late.

Eventually Twelve Mokes, and Two Minis plus a number of mokeless enthusiasts gathered at the picnic spot by the river for a few sausages and a yarn about Mokes. The weather had held, which was a relief to Shane and David, who went topless. About three o'clock it was time for a convoy through Campbell Town, for a photo session. Unfortunately the darkening skys had scared David off, so he missed the official photo (which was taken in glorious full sun). All that was left was for the convoys to head back home.

Thanks everyone for the great turnout and helping to make the day a success. Quote of the day comes from James, who's second Moke for the day overheated, ran out of petrol and eventually arrived 3 hours late. "You'd cut your right arm off to be here". It sums the day up nicely!

Tim and Rod

In Attendance

Rod Owers

1977, 1098, Californian, Green & Yellow

Tim Lamb
1977, 1275, Californian, Orange
John Wolley
1972, 1100, Hyper yellow
Lindsay Hansson
1979, Californan, Devil Yellow
Daniel Willson
Export Moke, now Ambulance
Peter Oakley
1980, 1275, Signal Red
Dean King
1974, 1330, Yellow
Ian Glen
1976, 1100, Blue
David Wighton
1976, Red
Shane Dixon
1969, Lime green
James Willson
1981, Galvo flat tray
Sam Pinkard
1973, Orange