Mokes lned up at International Moke Day in Perth Western Australia

11 Mokes made the day for a drive in the hills around Perth.

 Many thanks to MOC president Bridget for organising and conducting a delightful IMD event in Perth.

About 11 Mokes attended, and were accompanied by three generations of Mini (my K, a Clubbie and a Rover) plus a Fairlane. It was great to see so many Mokes together, although I'm aware of at least as many in the clubs here that didn't make it.

A well planned route through the hills allowed our convoy to stick together without disrupting other traffic. Other motorists and bystanders offering cheerful waves vastly outnumbered the stern and bewildered few.

Bridget was also kind enough to share her Moke for the trip with a friend of mine who hadn't ridden in a Moke before. As you can imagine, my friend was absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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