Here is a small IMD report from Uppsala, Sweden, northern Europe.

I actually noticed that the IMD was coming but lack of time and very few Mokes in the neighbourhood left me not arranging any event and me alone driving around in the Moke of ours. I didn´t even read the IMD site carefully and missed to register before and didn´t shoot any photo of newspaper etc..... But at least it got me out on a tour in the Moke!

Our Moke is what we call the african Moke as it was built 1964/65 at BMC´s factory in Umtali, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and imported to Sweden in 1990.
Well I actually visited another Moke as well, our spare parts Moke that is in the storage(se picture). I attach some pictures shot in the morning of 16th september 2007.

Maybe some more mokes will come together in Sweden next time, there are actually about 10-12 of them.

Keep up your good work!