The Final Count for International Moke Day 2007
September the 16th has passed and a lot of people got into the spirit of the day and joined in with their Mokes.                  

On September 16th 2007 the first International Moke day was held across the world to further promote our favourite marque.

For many of us who are part of established Moke, or Mini, clubs we sometimes take for granted what we have, there are trips to go on, other Moke owners to chat with and learn from. International Moke Day is intended to be an opportunity for all Moke owners, club members, non club members or geographically dispersed, to feel a part of the special spirit that comes with owning a Moke.

My original thought for IMD came as I was typing a reply to a post about 6-7 Mokes that made it on the UK's London to Brighton run this year and I thought what a poor show for such a well known event, we should have a special event for Mokes and International Moke Day was the next thought that took up space in the mind.

Well before September 16th arrived I was already considering the day a success, not because of the expected numbers but simply seeing the activities some of the local organisers were doing to promote their event and the feedback of the number of 'new' Mokes they were finding in their areas. This has giving them momentum to organise further local events.

The eagerness and support shown by people in the various areas is really what made IMD a success and with their help and others I hope to hear of even more Mokes out for IMD in 2008 around the world.

And so for the final numbers for International Moke Day, September 16th 2007....

Drum roll please......(imagine a drum roll)

The number of Mokes involved was.... 93

The number of Mini in support was.... 15

The countries involved were Five,
Australia, Malaysia, Nortth America, France, Sweden

Events held in....
Melbourne, Sydney x 2, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Tasmania, Uluru(Ayers Rock), North East Victoria, Malaysia, Northern Illinois USA, Cypress Gardens Florida USA, France and Sweden.

A big thank you to all those that got into the spirit of International Moke Day 2007 and I hope to see you all and more Mokes next year.

Terry Pollard