Started in 2007 as a bit of fun, IMD is now the best excuse for anyone anywhere in the world to get out in their Moke and meet other Moke owners or just feel a part of the event. Read on to find out how you can be a part of International Moke Day 2012. Being part of International Moke Day can be as simple as making the effort to get out in your Moke on the 30th on your own or more enjoyable is to find other people who live nearby who want to get together with you.

You can go out and enjoy your Moke or sit in it in your garage if your are still restoring it and send a photo or two for everybody to enjoy and tell us about your IMD experience. Your IMD activity can be really anything your like with the only stipulation is you have to do it on September 30th to be a part of International Moke Day.

However this year we are going to stretch the international Date line a little to include people who might go out for a cruise on the Saturday night before due to climate or other issues that make the Sunday activity unpleasant.

This year I am trying to make it easier to help find people in your area who also want to go for a drive in their Moke on IMD by displaying a list of locations of Moke owners that are subscribed to The Donkey Telegraph. Displaying your details is entirely optional to you however to be fair you can only contact other people if your details are also displayed. To choose to display your location details find the last issue of The Donkey Telegraph, or your confirmation email, and select 'Modify Subscription Details' and you will see a couple of places to enter your details and check the box to confirm you wish to have them displayed. To contact someone else in your area you need to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details of whom you are trying to contact and I will arrange for them to receive you email details if i can see you are also listed.