How the IMD Official Count will take place

      Although this is really just a great excuse to get out in your Moke and know others around the world are doing the same, the more serious side of the day is to make sure we have a reliable and formal count of how many Mokes and people attended.       


Register and pay.

Although not quite ready yet, everybody will need to be on the Official IMD Register at Registration is done simply by entering your Name, the registration of your Moke a contact email address and of course the event you plan to attend.

You can also subscribe to the IMD Newsletter which will keep you informed of the events and latest developments, including when registrations are open, and perhaps some post event information and details on the next IMD being planned for 2008.

You must be registered and paid up to be included in the Official Count and please register well before the event so the appropriate lists can be prepared and sent to the local coordinators.

On the September 16th 2007

At each event around the world the formal part of the count will require a series of photos of all those in attendance including a picture of a Newspaper with September 16th 2007 printed on it. The co-ordinator of the day will also have a list of everyone registered for their event and will tick off all who attended.

First photo will need to be a clear shot of the newspaper on its own, next photo is all the Mokes in attendance with someone holding up the said Newspaper so it can be identified. Finally all the people involved next to, on top of, underneath their Moke for a big group shot.

If people have just rolled up on the day, but not yet registered, then they can be included in the group photo but on the edges so they can be edited out if needed :-). If they want to be counted then they can register through this site any time before the end of September 16th 2007. If someone isn't internet savvy then anyone can register their details for them.

Enjoying the Day

Other than the formal photos feel free to take as many other photos, individual Mokes, group shots and just your outing in general to go with your group IMD event article.

Post September 16th

The CooOrdinators will be sending their list of attendees back to IMD Central where they will be cross checked with the registered Mokes and late registrations to come up with the Official figures for the total number of Mokes and People who attended the first International Moke Day in 2007

If you have any questions have a look at the IMD FAQ and if your question is not answered there then send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.