International Moke Day
      Sept. 21st 2008
      How many Mokes around the world can we have on the road on a single day ? Join the rest of us and find out.      


The intention of International Moke Day is to get as many Mokes and their owners on the road all over the world on the same day, enjoying our favourite vehicle with others of the same passion.

There is no particular reason to this other than it seems like a good idea, well to me at least, to see how many Mokes we can get on the road on the same day.

Around the world individuals and clubs can organise a Moke event on the day and register that event with so it can be co-ordinated with all the others events occurring around the world. As word spreads people can register, to be part of the official count, with a particular event in their area and their contacts details are passed onto the local coordinator.

On the day ,everybody turns up, has fun in their Mokes with others and are confirmed as attending International Moke Day. The results are collated and we get a number that shows how many people and how many Mokes were enjoying IMD. Simple really.

At the time of writing there are thoughts of having some sort of momento of the occasion for registered attendees, but as this is all coming together very quickly, and the logistics of getting things around the world I am not sure what form that might take.

So to be apart of International Moke Day you need to find an event near you, or co-ordinate your own event, register to attend or turn up on the day and have fun knowing you are part of a world first for Mokes. Then you need to send a picture or two and a small story about your day.