Frequently Asked Questions
      General information about International Moke Day and question most people are expected to ask. If your questions are not answered here then check out the Forum or send an email.

If your question or concern is not answered here or in any other area of International Moke Day webspace then please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q1There is no event happening in my area?Events are included as soon as possible after they are received so check again in a day or so. If you still see no event near you can either travel to the closest one or start your own.
Q2How can I organise an event in my area.Firstly you should try and find others in your area, either by downloading the IMD flyer(not yet available)and handing to Mokes in your area or placing a post on The Moke Forum
Q3Is there any limits on how many vehicles can attend?
      No there is not, you can be an event of one if you are in a remote area or can't find any Mokes in your area. Onviously more fun with others, but you can go for a drive knowing that somewhere else in the world there is probably more that one other person driving their Moke too
Q4Is there any costs involved?
      Any costs will be be a matter for which ever event you are attending, ie small donation to cover meat and bread at a bbq.
Q5Can i just turn up at an event on the day?
      Yes you can however you need to register and be counted by the coordinator of the event you attend. You can then go home and register before the end of September 16th to be part of the Official count. If you do not have internat access then you can ask the local coordinator to register for you.
Q6What happens if i register but cannot attend?
      Unfortunately we can only count those that attend and are registered.
Q7 Can i attend in my Mini, or other Vehicle, because the Moke is not going or I don't have one.
      Yes you can turn up and enjoy the day and register yourself as being in a Mini or OV(ordinary vehicle). Because you are Mokeless you then you will not be included in the Official Moke count but I will probably publish a full run down of vehicles in attendance, with perhaps a special section for our Mini cousins. However if IMD goes well then maybe I will organise one for Mini's
Q8Is there any 'merchandise' to commemorate the event.
      At the moment not yet, but I would like to get some sort of momento or clothing available for those in attendance and registered.
Q9In earlier Information, there was mention of a registration fee?
      The fee has been removed because I am not certain that I will be able to get the momento I had in mind for registered participants in time for the event, so I am not looking to cover its cost anymore. Also the associated logistics of shipping the item and accepting online payments turned out to be too expensive to warrant the effort for this first event.