Co-ordinating an event for IMD in your area

      No IMD event you can attend, the only Moke in your country or you just want to start up an IMD event closer to home. This article explains how simple it is to make sure you are involved and part of this auspicious occasion.       


Register Your IMD Event

Simply send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with even basic information to say where you are planning to have your event so it can be listed and others in your area can see it is going to happen and provide some preferred contact details. You can update some more details like meeting place, time and plans for the day later on.

Spread the Word and Register

Try and find other Mokes to be a part of your IMD event by putting an entry in the IMD section of the The Moke Forum , downloading the IMD Flyer(when it is available) to hand out to other Mokes you might see or post up at the local parts supplier. Some enterprising type might even get their photo in the local paper. Where possible this website can help you in getting in touch with others.
Direct the people to register here

Don't forget to keep your IMD information on this website updated with the latest details.

Enjoying the Day

Enjoy your day in the Moke with others and you just need to do a little bit of administration to include you and the others on your IMD trip in the official count. This is simply take down their names, Moke registration number and take a photo of your gathering with your Mokes.

More details about confirming attendance at IMD can be found here

Post September 16th

Simply send the list of people who attended, the photo and a write up about what you did for International Moke Day so other can enjoy your day as you can theirs.