Create IMD Event in your Area


Co-ordinating an event for IMD in your area

      No IMD event you can attend, the only Moke in your country or you just want to start up an IMD event closer to home. This article explains how simple it is to make sure you are involved and part of this auspicious occasion.       


Make a Logo for IMD

IMD 2008 Flyer100As the time from the original idea to releasing the IMD on the unsuspecting public has only been a little over a week I haven't had time to put together a unique Moke logo for the event. I am looking for creative types who would like to submit their own efforts so I can replace this little picture I found on the net.

The Official Count


How the IMD Official Count will take place

      Although this is really just a great excuse to get out in your Moke and know others around the world are doing the same, the more serious side of the day is to make sure we have a reliable and formal count of how many Mokes and people attended.       


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
      General information about International Moke Day and question most people are expected to ask. If your questions are not answered here then check out the Forum or send an email.


International Moke Day Flyer (Draft)

             International Moke Day Flyer
      The draft flyer is available here in PDF for your perusal and download to help promote IMD within your club, area and or favourite parts supplier.      


Subscribe to the IMD Newsletter

      Subscribe to the IMD Newsletter
      To keep informed of new events and developments regarding IMD just enter your email address to the right here and have the latest news delivered to your inbox.      


Introduction to International Moke Day

       International Moke Day
      Sept. 21st 2008
      How many Mokes around the world can we have on the road on a single day ? Join the rest of us and find out.