Lorraine Ray in Northern Illinios has held an IMD event in her area each year since the original IMD with her rather uniquely painted Moke and her friends. Raine is the only known Moke in Illionios and despite this fact she still comes out to be part of International Moke Day and she seems to bring along half the state to enjoy her Moke. As you can ssee from the picutre from 2008 she does go to a bit of trouble making up the sign for IMD 2008.

For many of us who probably take getting together with other Mokers for granted or at least seeing another Moke on the road from time to time, looking at the picture of Raine and her friends really shows that even just one Moke can still be a lot of fun and it is personally rewarding to think IMD can make Raine and her friends feel part of the Moke Community.