International Moke Day is held on the last Sunday of the September each year and is open to anyone with a Moke who wants to participate. Whether you are apart of a group of Mokes or its just you and your Moke, everyone can be a part of International Moke Day and feel just that little bit special because you have a Moke and other people don't.

Started in 2007 as a bit of fun, International Moke Day is a reason to get out in your Moke and good opportunity to make contact with other Moke owners in your area and just have a fun day. The original idea came from reading about the London to Brighton run for Minis in the UK and deciding that there was nothing similar for Mokes and how could I include people I knew in other countries that had no other Mokes near them, five minutes later International Moke Day was born.

Being a part of International Moke Day can be as simple as you going for a drive in your Moke or if it is gathering dust or under restoration in your garage, then just go and sit in it and spend some time bonding with our special little cars. You need to take at least two photos of you with your Moke or Mokes, one is of you holding that days newspaper to verify the date, and you send them to MokeWerx and share your day with the world.

This year, without any prompting from myself, I have been hearing from a number of people who are already planning their International Moke Day event and spreading the word around and it is pleasing to know it is more than just me who is encouraging people to be a part of IMD. If you would like to advertise your group or individual activity you have planned for International Moke Day, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and I will get it up on the website.

In this year of the 50th Anniversary of the Moke production in the Australia it would be good to build on the interest being shown throughout the year around the world.

 And some samples of past International Moke Day from around the world.