If you don't live anywhere close to any of the International Moke Day events listed on here that is no reason not to be  a part of it along with everyone else as IMD is intended for individuals to participate even if you have no Moke friends close by or your Moke is still being restored or wasting away in a garage.

On Sunday the 29th, do something with or in your Moke, takes some photos to share with everyone, at least one should be holding the Sunday 29th edition of a local newspaper just to show it is really International Moke Day, and write a few words about your IMD.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, then email me your name and where you intended to hold your IMD and I will list it on this site and maybe you will find a Moke owner nearby to join you.

I know of Mokes currently in about 20 countries and it would be good to read about some new faces and places in the post International Moke Day reports for 2013.

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