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To place an order for any of the items you find in The Dog Shop please send an email to Grant with your name, address and the items you want and he will be in touch to finalise the details.


Dash Screw Kit

All the available Dash screws available with this kit
All the available Dash screws available with this kitThe mounting screws for the Moke Dash
Common price: AUD30.00 Our price: AUD30.00 each

A complete kit of all the screws, nuts and washers you need to hold the speedo housing and dash trays in your Moke.

Unfortunately UNF screws are very hard to find today, and with most of the nuts being welded to the body or dash panel nothing else will fit.

These screws are the correct thread and length, and the heads are the closest possible match to the factory originals.

I can also supply a short form kit containing just the screws for $20, or any individual part you require.

Postage is $2.50. Payment can be made by Direct Deposit or Paypal. Please email me for details.