Mounting a Moke on a frame.

Moke Shell on RotisserieAs an aid in Moke restoration some people prefer to mount the Moke body shell on to a frame or rotisserie to get it up off the ground and in many cases, so it can be flipped over. This article shows examples of how people have done it and explains some of the thinking behind the individual designs.

Jake the Brake

Moke Jake the Brake 3Jake the Brake is a tool that depresses the brake pedal and holds it down to assist with jobs that normally would require an extra person sitting in the Moke.

Front Subframe Cradle

SubframeCradle100Pulling the front subframe and engine out of your Moke is easy enough, but how do you do it on your own and what do you do with it once it's out? Here's a simple cradle to support the subframe that makes removal and installation an easy one-man job.