The Moke is sold as you see it with no engine, no seats but it will include a bonnet and front grille that I forgot to include in the photos. The rust in the Bermuda triangle appears to have been fairly mild going by the underneath side but the previous owner has used heavy gauge sheet to make repair patches and their welding wouldn't hurt by being attacked with a grinding disc or two. Painted in Caterpillar(as in heavy machinery) yellow which if you are not too fussy could be used as is but it is not evenly applied, has runs and really would look much better if it was rubbed back and fresh coat put on it.

The front panel is the real concern body wise with the previous owner adding a two inch wide strip of flat metal around the front grille and over the lights. I have tried to take photos that show it is pretty crappy tack welds holding it on from the inside but up where it meets the bonnet on the outside it is smoothed off and painted so difficult to say if it is welded or bogged, but if welded it was done by a much better welder than the inside. It is up to the buyer if they want to cut it off and repair the front panel or channel the previous owner and continue with whatever they were thinking of doing.

I have tried to show the pieces of panel that come with the car, the windscreen frame (no glass), windscreen rubbers, dash panels and I will put in a set of new side-screens and maybe some other things if needed. The seams in the sideboxes are straight and rust free and other than the floor seems to have avoided getting any other metal cancer.

This Moke would suit someone who may have a spare engine and/or some leftover bits of Moke from previous restores who is fine with the mechanical stuff but doesn't want to spend time on repairing rust, although the front panel will require grinding and panel beating skills, and just wants to tidy something up and drive it. My plans were to get it up running and use it to test out engines, ideas and other modifications or turn it into a Moke to take off road where I wasn't going to be too precious in the paintwork. 

To me the value in the Moke is that it is mostly there and doesn't need time and money spent on repairing the rust.


Photos were taken in January 2019