This 1980 body shell needs a new floor under the front seats and at least patch work on the rear section. If you believe Galvanised Mokes don't rust, look away now. Reasonable offers considered.

 This 1980 galvanised body has been stripped of pretty much everything but the accelarator pedal which was painted red so it must have been a quick Moke. Unfortunately the body was left under some sort of gumtree which has caused the damage to the floor that you can see in the photos, including the side boxes. The lower part of the front grille has been butchered by someone to fit the earlier style bumper bar and in general it has been treated pretty roughly. The rear kick out guards have both been pushed inat some stage so will need some metal persauder to get them back to where they should be. There appears to have been a patch placed under the drivers feet at some stage

Otherwise this is a very straight Galvanised body with no rust in the edge seams and except for the picture hole under the driver the rest of the tunnel is clean and solid and suitable for the replacement foloor panels that are available.

This body is really only useful to someone who has a lot of parts available to to bolt onto this shell or maybe they have crashed/written off a 1980+ Moke and need a salvageable body to swap all their parts over onto. This is not going to suit a new or novice Moke owner.

  Price: $1500.00

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Photos were taken in December 2018