Around 100 Mokes descended on Wagga Wagga for MokeFest 2009 over a period of 6 days for simply lots of great Moking times that has left many wanting to come back and do it again in a few years time. The event consisted of short tours, day tours, nightly entertainment and meals, a big public display of 97 cars at Mokes at the Beach followed by a street parade down the main street.

MokeFest officially started on Tuesday the 6th with the morning photo shoot and this particular morning the local Prime TV crew came out to give us plenty of coverage for the evening news. The first few days were full of Mokes tours around the local sights and attractions and neighbouring towns Coolamon and Junee.

By Friday morning around 50 or so Mokes were already there as part of the early activities and we expected the number to double as the convoys coming in from Sydney and Melbourne made their way to Wagga. A morning mud drive and separate wine tour were held while the afternoon was spent just being part of the rest of the Mokes arriving. Friday night saw around 170 people in the PCYC hall for the spit roast meal and opening night.

Saturday saw a convoy of around 50-60 Mokes head out to Temora Aviation Museum to see the warbirds flying while many of the rest took on the Coolamon-Junee Triangle tour. Many got caught in a big down pour early in the afternoon that cooled them off for the rest of the day. Saturday night was lots of fun and games at Club Kennel with Head to Head spark plug changing and the MokeFest Dinky Moke Race and big raffle of all sorts of goodies.

Sunday opened with Mokes at the Beach where almost 100 Mokes were on display to the public to wander around and see the Mokes and talk with the owners. Arranged in order by year it was pretty obvious to see not many of the early 70's Mokes were there while the last few years of production were well represented. A street parade in the afternoon was held with everyone involved making a pretty impressive sight for the small crowds along the route.

Sunday night was another organised meal with thank you's to the supporters of MokeFest; Link Automotive in Mitcham, LSV Insurance, Just Cars Magazine, ACE Trimming in Greensborough, The mini Experience and Maddog for sponsoring Club Kennel.