Only the prefix stamped onto the Radiator Shroud or under the Seat. Do not type details from the attached Build or ADR plates. That information can be entered below.
3 to 6 digits that appear after the Body prefix
Which side is the steering wheel on?
If your Country does not appear type it into Comments box.
Select prefix. If not available ad to other box
4 to 6 digits that appear after the Prefix
If you know the engine to have a different capacity to what it was orignally, then please enter that.
Anything to else to add?
Appears after "This Vehicle was manufactured by..."
eg. Moke,Leyland Moke, Leyland Moke Californian
3 to 6 digits after the Prefix
On later plates it maybe listed as G.V.M. and is normally 998.
Stamped on the left in MM/YY format.
On 1974 plates the Week appears after the build Month & Year in the format of MM/YY-WW
Normally on the same line as the Date on the right.
Tick if the plate is still on the Moke.
eg. details of plate not mentioned above
eg. mini-moke, moke
Should be somethng lke YJBABxxx
A second plate is normally attached with the factory details.
Tick box if plate is still on the vehicle
eg. details of plate not mentioned above
eg. AAA 123, 123 BBB, CUSTOM
eg. Australia, UK, New Zeland, USA
eg. 1987, 1976 - 2001, last reg. 1995
eg. Name of the owner at the time of registration
Anything you can add?
Is the Moke still wearing the original Factory paint?
Are the original paint labels still on the vehicle?
On the paint label what is the name of the Colour? eg. Hairy Lime
What is the paint code or number on the label or sticker?
eg. Dulon, Berger
Anything else you can share about the paint or colour on the Moke.
Is the Moke known to be a Military Moke
The name of the owner at the time of these details being entered
Approx. location of owner. eg. Melbourne, Victoria
eg. 1/2/2014, January 1975, 1970's, best guess
eg. eBay, Trading Post, Gumtree, On vehicle
eg. Link to online advert, text from advert
Details of where the information entered was obtained. eg. an ebay advert, from the moke itself, advertisement in a magazine from the 70's, factory information bulletin.
so we can contact you if we need more information or share details of what we may already have
Enter anything else you can share about the Moke or the information you have entered.
Enter any feedback you may have about using this form.

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