Production Details.

Commonly listed as being built between 1971 and 1973 the Export Moke can be found with the following body prefixes




O30COBM12 - (1973 Only)

Total number produced is estimated to be 1000 with the serial numbers starting at 501 for YJBAB12 and the highest known survivor is O30COBM12 1498. 

Others sources vary from 100 to up to 2000 but from my view there are a couple of anomolies which could lead to incorrect assumptions for the total number. The common misconception in my opinion is that there were parrallel serial numbers for the 12 and 14 series for which only one duplicate can be found and is inconsistent with the convention going on with YJBAB6/8 range of standard Mokes where the serial numbers were consecutive.


At least two Mokes in the Export range exist with factory fitted side tanks, one in the UK and one in Melbourne, that are definietly not modifications made later on.

The Moke in Melbourne mentioned above also has an ADR plate dated 1970 but a serial number that puts it in middle of the pack of the first year of production along with some other anomolies that make it quite a unique Moke from a historians point of view.