Author Topic: I'm new and want a Moke  (Read 2402 times)

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I'm new and want a Moke
« on: January 22, 2008, 09:46:29 AM »
Sorry for the blunt topic but it say's it all really.

My name is Andrew and am keen to get a Moke as a project to restore. I have very fond memories of blatting around a mates farm in Tassie and would like to re-aquaint myself with a Moke.

Below is my post in the trading section;

"Sorry Guys & Gals,

I haven't introduced myself yet.

My name is Andrew, live in Perth (as per post above) and work for a construction company.

My other car is a troopie (Toyota) which I like for it's absolute simplicity. Nothing is on it that is not necessary. It's a very focused vehicle, all 2+ tonne of it.

I have a Commodore ute for work (supplied by work) which is a very comfortable car but there is too much arbitary gear on it. I can't hear the engine, I've no idea what the front end is trying to tell me (too much cr*p between me and the wheels) and I basicly feel isolated from what is going on around me.

Growing up I spent a lot of time on a mate's farm up the east coast of Tassie belting around in a Moke. Absolute blast. Incedentaly he sold it 15 years or so ago for a couple of hundred bucks!!!

To me Mokes are the ultimate in connection between driver and vehicle. Manual, noisy, windy, simple and cart like. Woo hoo!

Look forward to getting one as a project to spend time on.


Any condition is ok but all the bits and peices would be prefferable.



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Re: I'm new and want a Moke
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2008, 12:44:53 PM »
need to keep checking ebay for mokes in WA as I think the freight might be a bit expensive from the eastern states.
Have you decided how much you want to spend on the original purchase.
There where about 10 mokes from WA that came over to the muster in 2006 so maybe you could get in conntact with some of them to help you in your efforts (Terry may help with contact details when he comes back from up north)
You have probably seen this post before but if you havent they where trying to get a club or group going in WA.

happy hunting

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Re: I'm new and want a Moke
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2008, 03:07:52 PM »
Hi Andrew,
I've got a moke sitting idle in my garage. I'm wanting $7-8k for it so if that's more than you're wanting to pay that's ok. here's the details:

1981, Galvanised Body-Yellow. 998??(I'm reading off the rego papers) a friend thinks it maybe bigger engine as very zippy. 2 Seater. soft top black canopy, specially designed tow V-bar to allow for 1 man towing of moke. Can email photo's of moke, engine etc.


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Re: I'm new and want a Moke
« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2008, 02:17:39 PM »
.....and so, hv u found ur Mokey?